KDMO Alpha Translator 21/01/2016


Here’s our Alpha version of the translator in English! Still has little translated, but with time it will be better hehe.

  • What’s up with this translator?

Current quests, some skills  and some translated items. We will gradually translate it. I hope you enjoy.

  • How to use?

Open dmotranslator program (located in this post) go to File>Open>Browse to the file and press OK. After this, click Bin-File>Patch Bin Files, wait for the message appears, and then click Close.

  • Link of the Translator Archive:

logo-oficial-mega-de-Megaupload (3)

  • Link to download the program translator:

logo-oficial-mega-de-Megaupload (3)mediafireIzzy’s Solutions: chibi izzy

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